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Imagine a normal day when you’re cruising down the road with your SUV on your way to work, and you notice that all the parking spacesare taken. You are then forced to park at the nearby coffee house where you need to put a quarter for the parking meter. Now think of how hard it is to leave a car somewhere for a week or even months, while you’re away.

For people who love to travel or go on business trips, Park ‘N Fly can provide parking security for your vehicles. The main purpose of Park ‘N Fly is to shelter vehicles for a given number of days until the owner claims the car. Most people would call this airportparking. Others might react, saying, “I can leave my car at home, why do I have to pay just to park my car while I go on vacationin Hawaii?” Yes, home parking does provide security, but think about the possibility of robbers entering your home, knowing that the garage is one of the most vulnerable rooms in a house. Airport parking, as offered byPark ‘N Fly,provides better security at a price rate thatis very affordable. What would you prefer–paying a small amount in exchange for the full security of your car or leaving your car at home with your alarm system being easily disarmed by robbers? These miscreants would take away your car, and you would have to spend thousands of dollars just to buy a new one. This is not a joke;car theft incidents  happen every day.Don’t be another statistic.

Park ‘N Fly’ s Scope of Operation

In the United States, Park N’ Fly offers airport parking to several cities like Los Angeles, Phoenix, Chicago, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Portland, Providence, and more. The company caters to a total of 30 states in the United States. Some areas where we offer airport parking are not all owned by the company. In some cities, like Birmingham, Alabama, the company commissions airports to offer a certain space where they can park the customers’ cars. This way, Park N’ Fly works as the middleman  between the customer who’s looking for airport parking and an airport that has a huge parking space.Here, everybody wins.


The best thing about Park N’ Fly is its efficiency in always finding an available parking space for many customers. It also offers 24/7 customer service for parking requests and customer monitoring to ensure that their car is still around until they come home.

Park ‘N Fly charges on a daily basis rather than according to thenumber of hours consumed.For example, if you book for two days and you only used one and a half day, you are still  required to pay for the parking fee amounting to two days. This may sound greedy, but varying day rates are much cheaper than charging people on an hourly basis.

Airport Parking

Park ‘N Fly ensures that the parking area where you park your car is near  the terminal you entered for your flight.This way, when you finally arrive, you don’t have to carry your bag while walking a  considerable distance just to get to your car. Jet lag and a long  walk  are crucial to an airline passenger.

Other than airport parking, Park ‘N Fly also offers a temporary shelter for pets, as they can get troublesomeif you take them along on your trip. Park ‘N Fly also has pet resorts where all sorts of animals can stay while their owner is on vacation.This allows yourpets to also enjoy their vacation. Luggage assistance, valet parking, and more — this is what Park ‘N Fly can do for you.

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