How to Save on Car Rentals

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We all love to travel, drive the countryside and see some sights. Rental cars can cost a fortune to rent not to mention you have to add the cost of gas into that as well. So let’s look at some ways to save money on rental cars to make our Las Vegas vacation perfect.

Use a Booking Site

Rather than go directly to the rental company, look around at booking sites like Travelocity, Orbitz or Hotwire. These sites buy rental slots from the companies at significantly discounted prices and offer them to people at lower prices than the rental company directly. This is an excellent way to save money and compare the prices at different rental agencies.

Using these third-party booking sites, you can also combine a car rental with hotel stays and air flights for greater discounts on a “package”. Again you can compare the different rental agencies with various hotels or airlines. Booking rental in combination with air travel or hotel stays will offer a greater discount than making just one reservation.

Call the Rental Agency

Always call the rental agencies. They sometimes will have some offers that they can give you or they will be able to adjust the rate for you to give you a better deal if you are renting a car for more than one day. If you ask for a manager, this works a lot better because they have more authority to adjust rates and offer discounts so you won’t have to look for any title loans in Las Vegas to pay for it. Don’t be afraid to share previous horrible experiences at other locations with the manager; this sometimes helps when you tug on a heart string.

Shop Around and Look for Discount Codes

Dare to compare on the different rental agency websites. You can find great deals at various times from different companies. Some companies also will offer discounts for different corporations and their employees. Let people know who you work for it can help.

Don’t be afraid to google discount codes that you can use online when reserving a rental vehicle. This can save you money as well; many people don’t realize that there are discount codes given to companies each month for a limited amount of use. People will share these codes on various sites for everyone to use, the rental agency won’t tell you they are out there to use, but they are.

Use a site like Groupon so you know when specials are coming up or coupons available for discounts. Groupon is great where people share coupons, and companies will also offer specific deals for members of groups like Groupon.

Rent In 24-Hour Increments

When renting an already expensive vehicle, be sure that you rent in 24-hour increments. If you pick the car up at 9 am make sure that you return it by 9am on your scheduled arrival date. This will save you additional hours of rental where you get charged a high amount per hour. You never want to pay per hour for a rental because those few hours could cost you as much as another day of rental.

Always Return It with a Full Tank

You always want to return a rental car with a full tank of fuel. You will pay almost a $1 or more a gallon for the rental company to fill the tank. It’s cheaper just to fill it yourself and return it with a full tank. Even if you picked up the car on a ¼ tank return it with a full tank, that way you don’t get charged to fill a tank of fuel you shouldn’t have to pay for. Clerical errors happen all the time in these places, and they can be costly so might have to know how title loans work to cover those costs.


Read the Fine Print

Make sure that you have read the fine print. There all types of surcharges and taxes that you get charged. There are also options that automatically get added unless you specify differently. So make sure you look for those options. Such as additional insurance, toll plaza plans, “free” return fill up because none of these options are free.

You pay more for the toll plaza plan per day per toll than if you just stop and pay cash at the toll. So if you are going to be encountering tolls, I would have cash on hand for that and decline the option. The “free” return fuel fill up, is not free it’s hassle-free because you don’t have to stop and do it. However, the price per gallon you are charged is at least a $1 gallon more than what the gas station charges. Additional insurance is great if you don’t have insurance, or you don’t carry full coverage on your personal vehicle. However, most of us carry full coverage because we are making payments on or vehicles, so there is no need to select the additional insurance.

The Wrap

Rental cars are expensive, almost as expensive as owning your vehicle. So if you are in need to rent a car, these are some of the greatest ways to save. Don’t get bamboozled into paying for things that you don’t need. Don’t rent it by the hour it’s costly when you could rent an extra day for what a couple of extra hours will cost. Inquire about discounts, deals, and specials that are going on. Corporate discounts are pretty nice, as well as discounts for booking through a booking site. There are plenty of ways to not break your wallet when renting a car for that perfect vacation or sight-seeing trip.

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