The Way Forward is Online Auction Houses

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People are generally fed up of having to visit the auction sites in order to place their bids for buying a car. The world has changed so much so that everything is happening at a rapid pace. The trend has shifted to online auction houses.

With online auction houses you buy high end vehicles at a cheap price plus as a customer you get to bid form the comforts of your home. In this article we will walk you through how you can get your hands on a technologically advanced car from Japan.

Do not look past Auction House Japan

There is a lot of buzz circulating Auction House Japan as the auction house has etched its place in the list of auction. The auction house has associations with 145+ auction houses from all over Japan and has a supply of 145,000 vehicles on a weekly basis.

There is no reason for you to doubt that Auction House Japan will fail to deliver on its promise. The auction house has all the leading Japanese brands on board with it. Manufacturers of Subaru, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Honda, Toyota, and Suzuki are available for purchase.

Japanese cars are reliable but are also fuel efficient. You don’t hear many complaints against Japanese used vehicles either. Therefore, the trust in and popularity of Japanese vehicles is unparalleled. One should not blink twice while opting for cars from AHJ.

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A thing to know about Auction Houses Japan

There are a lot of things to love about Auction Houses Japan. Firstly, you get buyer’s safety as vehicles are not only in their pristine condition but are also accounted for any flaws. The regulatory bodies do not allow auction houses to operate without proper servicing of the vehicles before getting them on board of auction.

Also, at AHJ, all the cars are serviced such as worn out tires are replaced with new tires. Maintenance and cleaning of the vehicles is also very keenly undertaken. Plus, Japanese people are themselves very particular in keeping their vehicles in a brand new condition as they tend to switch to other within 2-3 years of their purchase.

When the auction is underway the pricing is transparent. You can view the winning bid and also the commission. The prices are lowest possible at AHJ than compered to any rival out there. You can bet on that! Moreover, the cars which are shown to you online are the ones which you will find when bidding unlike at the distributors or dealers where something else is shown online and on ground, those models are not available.

At online auction house, agents are assigned to customers who by following their guidelines will seek to secure vehicles for them. You will be provided with the auction or inspection sheet so that you are aware beforehand of the cars’ specifications, types of cars and can compare them.

The procedure to bid

The first thing that you will be required to do is register at one of your favorite online auction houses, we recommend, AHJ where you will be then required to submit initial deposit sum. This sum is needed so that you can participate in the live bidding process.

That initial sum is refundable if you fail to bid win, however, you can still give your consent if you wish to use the money for next time when auction/bidding goes live. From this point forward you only pay when your bidding is successful via the payment options outlined on Japan car auction online site.

Your car will be shipped to you accompanied with all the relevant documentation. Different countries have different requirements and different customs tax and freight charges. Make note that customs duty and freight expenses will be paid by the customer and AHJ or any other auction house will not be responsible for it.

That is how you will get clearance from the port of your choice. Also different countries will have varying delivery timings. Some countries are far some are near. Some are shipped through RoRo some require container shipping. So all these factors make up for the delivery of your chosen vehicle to you possible. Stay put as with AHJ you will have vehicles delivered to you anywhere in the world.


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