Step by Step Guide to Selling a Car That Has Gone Through Serious Accident Damage

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After an accident, the feelings that you once had towards your car might not remain same anymore. Many of the motorists feel uneasy even while thinking to get on road again. Most of the car owners feel that selling a car post accident is the best decision they can make.

As it is said, “Honesty is the best policy”, the same goes for the resale of your car after accident especially when the sales are between two private individuals. While communicating with potential buyer about the car, it is very much important to be honest and up-front about accidents as well as the repairs that have been made already or if that are still required.

This approach isn’t required just ethically, but is even necessary to ensure safety of anyone that might buy the car. Now, your next question might be how to sell a car with serious accident damage, right? Well, read on and know the best tips for it.

First assess the damage to your car

Ensure to hire reliable as well as reputable mechanic to perform a careful inspection of your damaged car and to document all issues properly in writing. Ask them to determine if your car can be repaired to point of performing safely. In case it cannot, it is always better to sell it as salvage vehicle.

If any repair is to be made, direct your mechanic to offer written information on each of the repair and even take before-after photos. So now you know why you should get an old car off your driveway, isn’t it?

Determine the possible resale price of the repaired car

You can get many reliable online sources to your hep when it comes to find the potential resale price of your repaired car. Use the condition and features guidelines to decide suitable value on the basis of the current condition of your car.

For instance, if any repairs have already been made and your car is restored completely, you can then establish price on the basis of “good” or “very good” pricing. If still some defects persist, you can price the car close to the value given for the “fair” condition.

Selling a Car

Advertise the car

The next step here is to advertise the repaired car at decided price. After that, you can inform any of the potential buyers that your car had been in accident upfront. If the potential buyer still shows interest, offer them the accident reports, paid invoices, insurance inspection reports, and so forth.

Provide them with up-to-date history report of your vehicle or give buyer your car’s VIN number so they can even conduct their own research if they want to. You can even allow the potential buyer to take car to body shop or repair shop for inspection. Moreover, provide them the Before-and-after pictures of damage as well as subsequent repairs.

Once the above things are taken care of, document that car that is being sold has already been in an accident while preparing the sale bill. Sign off the document and ensure that the buyer also signs it.

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