4 Reasons Why Toyota Will Rule Japanese Automobile Industry in 2018

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After covering almost entire Asia, Japanese cars are now moving towards new markets in Europe and America. With the mindset of growing every day, Japan and its renowned automobile companies are expanding their reach. Out of these companies, Toyota is the one who is leading the Japanese automobile markets.

Toyota with the net worth of $30 billion is a world-renowned company founded in 1937 and in just couple of years, this company joined the top league. This world’s leading automobile company has produced numerous wonders with incredible features that set the notion and trend in this industry. Despite its wonderful history, this company is not in a mood of sitting back and committed to rule the roads again in the year 2018 with its new cars which are the reasons for their success.

For the interest of all the Toyota and Japanese car lovers out there, in the next lines of this article, I am going to list down four of the most anticipated cars of Toyota for the year 2018 which can take this company into another league.

  1.    Toyota Camry:

Camry is one of the most successful series of car produced by Toyota in the class of compact car. After launching its first model in 1982, the Camry is the most loved car by the Toyota auto auction house owners due to its great resale value. To continue this legacy, Toyota is all set to launch another model of Camry next year with hybrid technology. The Toyota is going to equip its new Camry with a 3.5-liter V-6 and a pair of inline-four engines. The 2018 Toyota Camry’s transmission is going to get automatic eight-speed. With the toned chassis and beautiful design and styling, Toyota is going to get the huge advantage over other automobile companies with its Camry 2018.

  1.    Toyota Mirai:

One of the few cars which can be seen on the roads of America is Toyota’s Mirai. Declaring this car as the most successful Japanese car on American roads, Mirai is Toyota’s pride. With the aim of continuing this series of cars, this electric motored car is going to get an upgrade next year. The new Toyota Mirai 2018 is going to get an upgraded infotainment system with two additional USB ports. This electric powered Japanese beast is already a cynosure of Toyota America, and with these slight but much-needed upgradation, the Toyota Mirai has the potential of changing Japanese cars fate on the American soil.

  1.    Toyota C-HR:

Another compact beauty from the Toyota, C-HR is another car to watch out next year from Japan. The youngest and recently added model in the fleet of Toyota cars, C-HR has rolled the heart of people due to its unique and mesmerizing shape. Due to its massive success, Toyota has included this series on its premium list and going to relaunch it in 2018 with new and updated features. This 144-hp 2.0 liter with four-cylinder Japanese beast is all set to test the roads of the world in 2018.

  1.    Toyota Tundra:

Tundra is not a joke. This monster from Japan has proved to be a game changer for Japanese automobile industry since the day its production started in 1999. This four-wheel power pack drive from Toyota is the cynosure of all Japan auto auction online houses and much demanded in the Arab world. Now this New Year, the Toyota Tundra of 2018 is going to get 4.6-liter Aluminum i-Force V8 with DOHC 32-Valve cylinder heads with Acoustic Control Induction System (ACIS). With the halogen and LED fog lights, the Toyota Tundra has now become an off-road monster with all the latest tech included in it.

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