The Most Important Facts about Your Vehicle’s Battery

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The Most Important Facts about Your Vehicle’s Battery

No matter if you are driving a SUV gas guzzling car, electricity is still a crucial element for driving a car. All credit goes to the modern-day electric batteries that drivers no longer have to turn over to an engine by hand. It now happens simply with a turn of key or press of a button.

Beyond that initial ignition, the battery continues to play a vital role in the electric system of your vehicles. However, there have been some myths revolving about the electric heart pulsating in every vehicle. In this article, used Japanese car exporters have done some thorough examination of those myths and also discussed some cold facts to replace them too.

The Life of a Battery

Like every other part of the car, the life of a battery depends on how you treat it. However a great number of discharge cycles shorten the life of a battery, the use of electronics in the cars while driving leads to a dead battery the fastest. Surely the turned on engine maintains the charge of a battery but it directly draws from the engine once it is turned off.

Hence, it is advised to always turnoff headlights and other interior lights to avoid recurring this auto nightmare. Also, keep in mind that electronics like GPS or mobile phones plugged into your vehicles reduces the battery’s life too.

Additionally, it doesn’t matter how carefully you take care of it, there comes a time when your vehicle’s battery die a point and it needs replacement. You may definitely come across the obvious symptoms of failing batteries that let you know about their way out. Slow cranking on startups, an illuminated Battery Warning Light on the dashboard, and the ceased vehicle’s electronics could be a “why” for the dying or dead battery.

Whether dead or alive, the batteries are full of chemicals. You must do nature a favor and be very cautious while disposing the dead ones.

Jumpstarting Made Easy

It is very common foe any driver to deal with a dead battery. And to get rid of it, you usually find jumpstarting the easiest way. Comparatively, it is a straight forward process but still you need to focus on some special consideration for your particular vehicle.

  • Make sure that you have parked the vehicle close enough that the cables reach each battery.
  • Turn off the good battery and unplug other electronics like hazard lights, radios, headlights, cellphones etc.
  • Open the hood of car wearing gloves and safety goggles.
  • Connect the each red jumper cable to the other red post of the dead battery. Also, do the same with one negative end of the jumper cable by connecting it to the black negative post of charged battery. The other end of the black negative jumper cable is to be connected with an unpainted metal part of the dead car (it prevents sparking).
  • Now you can actually jumpstart the car by turning it on with fully charged body. Let it be idle for hardly 5-10 minutes.
  • Turn the engine off and remove all the cables in reverse order carefully that no clamp may touch any metal surface.

Where jumpstarting is a way of getting your car started again, you must also remember that every time a battery discharges its life gets shorter.

It Is Not Always a Battery

If your car doesn’t startup, the battery is not the culprit every time. There are many other reasons like failure of alternator, faulty starter motor, clogged fuel injectors and many more.

When there is a soaring popularity of all-electric vehicles, there is a good chance that all Japanese used cars Bangladesh will be powered by batteries. In such case, you must follow these steps for keeping your gas guzzler vehicle in shape so that you may never breakout any jumper cables.

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